Trade Notices 2007

Trade Notice No. Subject
36/2007 Notification No. 39/07-CE(NT) dated 13/11/2007 - Communication of - Reg.
35/2007 Notification No. 42/2007-ST and 43/2007-ST both dated 29/11/07 - Communication of - Reg.
34/2007 Discrepancies in quoting the correct code of the Commissionerate - Reg.
33/2007 Accounting of Education of Cess Code - Communication of - Reg.
32/2007 Notification No.41./2007-Service Tax dated  6/10/07 -  communication of – reg.
31/2007 Notification No.39/07-Service Tax Dated 12/9/07 & 40/07 dt 17/9/07-Communication of - Reg.
30-2007 Notification No. 38/2007-Service Tax dated 23.08.2007 reg. amendment to Notification No. 01/2006-Service Tax dated 01.03.2006 about abatement in respect of  tour operators – reg.


Procedural issues in Service Tax – circular – reg.
28-2007 Clarification on technical issues relating to taxation of services under the Finance Act 1994 – reg.
27-2007 Service tax liability on roaming service provided to an international in-bound roaming subscriber - reg.
26-2007 Service Tax – rescinding of certain notifications in  public interest-reg.
25-2007 Exemption to taxable services provided for official the use of a  foreign diplomatic mission or consular post or for personal use of diplomatic agents or their family members or career consular officers posted in a foreign diplomatic mission or consular post in India – reg.          
24-2007 Applicability of service tax on entry and exit load charged by  the Mutual Fund – reg.
23-2007 De-authorisation of 40 existing authorized branches of  Syndicate Bank for collection of CBEC revenue – reg.
22-2007 Exemption to resident welfare association vide notification no.8/2007 ST dated 1/3/07 – reg.
21-2007 Review of circulars/clarifications/instructions issued on matters relating to service tax law and procedures – withdrawal of circulars
20-2007 Difficulties being encountered by Goods Transport Operators in complying with the provisions of Service Tax – reg.

Accounting of collection of “Secondary and Higher Education  Cess”- reg.


Service Tax changes effective from 11th May 2007 – Intimation of jurisdiction and location codes – reg.

15-2007 Levy of 1% Secondary and Higher Education Cess – Regarding.
14-2007 Amount to be filed for delay in filing ST – 3 Return – Regarding.
13-2007 Review of circulars/clarifications/instructions issued on matters relating    To service tax law and procedures – withdrawal of circulars – Reg.   
12-2007 ST 3 New Format - Notification No.14/2007 dated 2.4.2007
11-2007 E-PAYMENT - Consolidation of TN 10,11,16/2006 along with List of Authorised Banks
10-2007 EASIEST - New format of challan for payment of Service tax from 1.4.2007
09-2007 Surrender of Registration Certificate by Small Service Providers
08-2007 Liability of "money changers" to pay service tax under banking and financial services
07-2007 Goods transport by road service provided by a goods transport agency
06-2007 Levy of Service tax on interconnection service provided by one telecom operator to another
05-2007 Budget Changes - Finance Bill 2007
04-2007 Proper quoting of 15 Digit PAN Based STC and correct Loc Codes
03-2007 Communication of Circular No. 90/ 1 /2007-ST dated 3.1.2007
02-2007 Mandatory Payment of Service Tax electronically
01-2007 De-authorization of Bank Branches