Trade Notices 2011


Trade Notice No. Subject
01/2011-ST Circular No.132/1/2011-ST
02/2011-ST Circular No.133/2/2011-ST
03/2011-ST Enclosure
07/2011-ST Amendments in Point of Taxation Rules
Notification No. 19/2011-ST
Notification No. 20/2011-ST
Notification No. 21/2011-ST
Notification No. 22/2011-ST
Notification No. 23/2011-ST
Notification No. 24/2011-ST
Notification No. 25/2011-ST
Notification No. 26/2011-ST
Notification No. 27/2011-ST
Notification No. 28/2011-ST
Notification No.13/2011-CE(N.T)
08/2011-ST Circular No.136/5/2011-TRU
Circular No.137/6/2011-TRU
09/2011-ST Notification No. 29/2011-ST
Notification No. 30/2011-ST
Notification No. 31/2011-ST
Notification No. 32/2011-ST
Notification No. 33/2011-ST
Notification No. 34/2011-ST
Notification No. 35/2011-ST
Notification No. 36/2011-ST
Notification No. 37/2011-ST
10/2011-ST Circular No.943/04/2011-CX
11/2011-ST Corrigendum to Notification No.29
Corrigendum to Notification No.35
12/2011-ST Circular No.139/8/2011-TRU
13/2011-ST Circular No.141/10/2011-TRU
Circular No.142/10/2011-TRU
Circular No.143/10/2011-TRU
14/2011-ST Notification No.38/2011-ST
Notification No.39/2011-ST
Notification No.40/2011-ST
15/2011-ST Notification No.41/2011-ST
16/2011-ST Circular dated 27.05.2011
Indirect Tax Ombudsman Guidelines 2011
17/2011-ST Introduction of two new services
18/2011-ST Circular No.144/10/2011-ST
19/2011-ST Notification No.42/2011-ST
20/2011-ST Service Tax on fee charged for issuance of country of Origin Certificate ( COOC ) -Circular No.145/14/2001-ST
21/2011-ST Notification No.43/2011-ST
22/2011-ST Change of designation of officers representing CBEC in CESTAT - Circular No. 951/12/2011-CX
23/2011-ST Notification No.44/2011-ST
24/2011-ST Notification No.45/2011-ST
25/2011-ST Mandatory E filing of ST3 / ST3A Return by Every Assessee
26/2011-ST Notification No.46/2011-ST
27/2011-ST Notification No.47/2011-ST
28/2011-ST Circular No.956/17/2011-CX
29/2011-ST  Order No.1/2011- ST
30/2011-ST Circular No.147/16/2011-ST
31/2011-ST Civil Appeal on " Renting / Leasing of Immovable Property"
32/2011-ST Order No.2/2011 - ST
33/2011-ST Circular No.149/18/2011-ST
34/2011-ST Order No.3/2011-ST
35/2011-ST Notification No.49/2011 - ST
  Notification No.50/2011 - ST
  Notification No.51/2011 - ST
36/2011-ST Notification No.52/2011-ST
   Refund of Service Tax to Exporters through the ICES-EDI on the lines of Drawback