Trade Notices 2014


Trade Notice No. Subject
20/2014 Service Tax- RTI-Changes in Name and Designation of Central Public Information Officer and Appellate Authority-Reg
19/2014 Service Tax-Filing of Returns for Half Year ending 30.09.2014-Extension the date of filling - Communication of Order No.02/2014-ST date -24.10.2014-Reg
18/2014 Service Tax- Reorranization-Creation of Service Tax Zone, Chennai and Service Tax commissionerates - Rag
17/2014 Service Tax- RTI - Changes in Name and Designation of Central Public Information officer and Appellate Authority - Reg
16/2014 Service Tax - Rescinding of orders issued under rule 3 of the Service tax Rule,1994  relating to the appointment of officers - Communication of Order No.1/2014-Service Tax dated 16.09.2014 - Reg
15/2014 Service Tax - Departmental reorganization - Commucation of Notification No.20/2014-ST to 22/2014-ST, all dated 16.09.2014 - Reg
14/2014 Service Tax - Amendment to CENVAT Credit Rules,2004-Service Tax Certificate for Transportation of goods by Rail (STTG Certificate)-Communication of Notification No.26/2014-CE(N.T),dated 27.08.2014-Reg
13/2014 Service Tax - Effective date of new levy on sale for advertisement and Radio Tax imposed during Budget 2014-Communication of Notification No.18/2014- ST,No.19/2014-ST,No.25/2004-CE(NT)and instructions all date 25.08.2014-Reg
12/2014 Service Tax - Exemption for Religious Pilgrimage-Communication of Notification No.17/2014-Service Tax dated 20.08.2014-Reg
11/2014 Service Tax - Enactment of Finance Bill,2014-Communication of Notification No. 16/2014- Service Tax, date 06.08.2014-Reg
10/2014 Service Tax - Union Budget 2014-15 - Communication of Finance Bill, Notifications, Etc..,
9/2014 Service Tax - RTI Changes in Name and Designation of Central Public Information Officer and Appellate Authority - Reg
8/2014 Service Tax - Facilitation by banks for Tax Payment on March 29, 30 and 31, 2014- Reg
7/2014 Service Tax - Appraisal of EASIEST Procedures-Reg
6/2014 Service Tax- Opening of Offices on holidays during last week of March'2014- Reg.
5/2014 Service Tax Exemption under Focus Market Scheme communication of Notification No.05/2014-Service Tax, Date 24.02.2014-Reg
4/2014 Service Tax Interim Budget 2014-15-Communication of Notification No.04/2014- Service Tax, TRU Letter D.O.F.No.334/03/2014-TRU both dated 17.02.2014-Reg.
3/2014 Service Tax-Interim Budget 2014-2015 - Communication of Notification No.04/2014-Service Tax, TRU letter D.O.F.No.334/03/2014-TRU both dt.17.02.2014-Reg.
2/2014 Service Tax- Communication of Notification No.02/2014-Service Tax Dt.30.01.2014 issued by Ministry of Finance Amending Notification No.25/2012-ST Dt.20.06.2012-Scope of 'Governmental authority'- reg.
1/2014 Service Tax- Levy of Service Tax on Services provided by a Resident Welfare Association (RWA) to its own members-Reg.