Trade Notices 2013


Trade Notice No. Subject
33/2013 Service Tax Communication Of CBEC's Notification No.18/2013 - Central Excise(N.T) date 31.12.2013 - Reg
32/2013 Service Tax - Payment of Service Tax under Voluntary Compliance Encouragement scheme (VCES) - Reg
31/2013 Service Tax - Filing Declarations under Voluntary Compliance Encouragement Scheme (VCES) on 28.12.2013 & 29.12.2013-Reg
30/2013 Service Tax - VCES - Need for obtaining Service Tax Registration in advance - Reg
29/2013 Service tax-VCES - Saturdays working day for              VCES Help Desk- Reg.
28/2013 Service Tax -Communication of Notification No.16/2013-ST dt.22.11.2013 and CBEC letter dt.221.11.2013- E-Payment made mandatory -Reg.
27/2013 Service Tax-SEZ Units- Communication of Notification No.15/2013 - S.Tax Dt.211.11.2013 - Due date for filing Quarterly Statement in Form -A3 for the Q.E July 2013 - September 2013- Reg.
26/2013 Service Tax-Comminication of CBEC's Notification No.179/9/2013-Service Tax Dt.25.11.2013-reg.
25/2013 Service Tax-Comminication of CBEC's Notification No.14/2013-Service Tax Dt.22.10.2013-reg.
S.Taxn -Filing of Service Tax Return (ST-3) for the period April -September 2013 in ACES- Communication -Reg.
23/2013 S.Tax-Communication of CBEC's Circular No.173/8/2013 - Service tax Dt.07.10.2013 - Reg.
22/2013 S.Tax- Communication of CBEC's Ad-hoc Exemption Order No.1//12013 -S.Tax Dt.17.08.2013-Reg.
21/2013 S.Tax- Communication of CBEC's Order No.4/2013 -S.Tax Dt.30.08.2013-Reg.
20/2013 S.Tax -VCES-Clarification - Communication of CBEC's Circular No.170/05/2013-ST DT.08.08.2013- Reg.
19/2013 S.Tax-Appeal before Commissioner (Appeals)/CESTAT in respect of reassigned cases-Reg.
S.Tax -Communication of CBEC's Notfn No.12/2013- S.Tax Dt.01.07.13 -Reg.
17/2013 S.Tax-Communication of Notification.No.11/2013-S.Tax Dat.13.06.2013-  Reg.

 S.Tax- S.Tax VCES-2013-Nominaton of Designated Authority -Reg.

S.Tax - The Service Tax Voluntary Compliance Encouragement Scheme - Communication of Notification No.10/2013- S.Tax Dt.13.05.13 and Circular No.169/4/2013-ST Dt.13.5.2013-Reg.
S.Tax - Communication of Notification No.09/2013-S.Tax dt.08.05.2013-Reg.

13/2013 Service tax -Extension of time for filing of ST-3 Return for the period October 2012 to March -2013 - Communication of Order No.03/2013- Service Tax dt.23.04.2013- Reg.
12/2013 S.Tax - Communication of Notification No.6/2013-S.Tax to 8/2013-Service Tax all dated 18.04.2013- Reg.
11/2013 S.Tax- Tax on service provided by way of erection of  Pandal or shamiana- Reg.
10/2013 S.Tax - Communication of Order No.02/2013- S.Tax dt.12.04.2013- Extension of date for filling of ST-3 Returns for the period July to Sep 2012  to 30th April 2013-Reg.
09/2013 S.Tax- Communication of  Notification No.05/2013- S.Tax Dt.10.04.2013 and Circular No.969/03/2013-CX dt.11.04.2013- Reg.
08/2013 S.Tax -Opening of Offices during the last week of March -2013-Reg.
07/2013 S.Tax -Filing of ST-3 Returns for the period 07/2012 to 09/2012 onwards- Need for Expeditious disposal of pending Amendment Applications -Reg.
06/2013 S.Tax -Opening of Offices during the last week of March -2013-Reg.
05/20103 Service Tax- Communication of C opy of Order No.182013 Service Tax Dt.6th March 2013- Reg
04/2013 Service Tax- Communication of Copy of Notification Nos.2/2013- Service Tax, 3/2013-Service Tax  and 4/2013 Service Tax all dated 01.03.2013 and copy of Finance Bill, 2013 relating to Service Tax-Reg.
03/2013 Service Tax- Filing of ST- 3 Returns for the period July 2012- to 30th Sep 2012-Reg.
02/2013 Service Tax- Refund/Rebate Section in S.Tax Commissionerate, Hqrs- Chennai -Reg.
Service Tax- Communication of Board's Circular No.166/1/2013-ST and Circular No.167/2/2013-ST both dt.01.01.2013. -Reg.