Trade Notices 2012/TN.27.pdf

Trade Notices 2012


Trade Notice No. Subject
01/2012-ST CBEC's Order No.1/2012 -ST dated 09.01.2012
02/2012-ST Circular No.150/1/2012-ST dated 08.02.2012 - Meaning of the expression "Gross Amount" appearing in Rule 3(1) of the works Contract  ( Composition Scheme for Payment of Service Tax) Rules, 2007 , as it stood prior to 07th day of July 2009 - Regarding.otification
03/2012-ST Circular No.151/2/2012-ST dated 10.02.2012- Service Tax on Construction Services - Regarding
04/2012- ST Notification No.01/2012- Central Excise  ( N.T) dated 09.02.2012 - Amend the Cenvat Credit Rules , 2004 - Regarding
05/2012-ST Circular No.152/3/2012-ST dated 22.02.2012
6/2012-12 Service Tax - Budget 2012 - Proposals and changes -Regarding.
07/2012-ST Clarification on Point of Taxation Rules - reg
08/2012-ST Service Tax - Communication of CBEC's Circulars No.155/6/2012 - ST dated 9.4.2012 & 156/7/2012-ST dated 9.4.2012 - Regarding.
09/2012-ST Circular No.157/8/2012-ST dated 27.04.2012 - Services provided by the Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee ( APMC) / Board- Regarding.
10/2012-ST Circular No.158/9/2012 dated 8.5.2012 - Clarification on Rate of Tax - Regarding.
11/2012-ST Notification No.16/2012-Service Tax dated 29.05.2012 - Regarding
12/2012-ST Notification No.18/2012- ST dated 01.06.2012, 19/2012-ST ,20/2012-ST, 21/2012-ST, 22/2012-ST and 23/2012-ST all dated 05.06.2012 - Regarding.
13/2012-ST Notification No.24/2012-ST dated 6.6.2012 -Regarding
14/2012-ST Order No.1/2012 dated 15.06.2012- Regarding
15/2012-ST Circular No.159/10/2012-ST dated 19.6.2012-regarding.
16/2012-ST Notification No.25/2012-ST to 40/2012-ST dated 20.06.2012 & 28/2012-Central Excise (N.T) dated 20.6.2012- Regarding
17/2012-ST Order No.2/2012 dated 29.6.2012 Circular No.160/11/2012-ST dated 29.6.2012 - Regarding
18/2012-ST Notification 41/2012-ST and 42/2012-ST and Corrigendum to Notification No.30/2012-ST & 31/2012-ST both dated 20.6.2012 - Regarding.
19/2012-ST Circular 163/14/2012-ST dated 10.07.2012- regarding
20/2012-SR Office Memorandum dated 02.07.2012 - Regarding
21/2012-ST Notification No.44/2012, 45/2012 and 46/2012 all dated 7.8.12 - Regarding
22/2012-ST Service Tax - Re-organisation of jurisdiction of Service Tax Divisions on Territorial Basis - Reg.
25/2012-ST Service Tax- Facilitation Centre at M.H.U. Complex, Nandanam-Reg.
26/2012-ST S.Tax- Communication Notification & letter issued by CBEC, New Delhi on filing of ST-3 only for the period 1st April to 30th June2012-Reg.
27/2012-ST SERVICE TAX-Communication of Order No.3/2012 dat.15.10.2012 on extension of date for Filing of ST-3 for the period 1st April to 30th June2012 to 25th November 2012-Reg.
28/2012-ST S.Tax- Communication of CBEC Circular on restoration of Service Specific accounting codes for payment of service tax-Reg.