Service Tax-I Trade Notices 2015


Trade Notice No.



Service Tax - Initiative towards good governance - Reg


Service Tax - SCN's issued by DGCEI-Assingning to Adjudicating Authority-Communication of Notification No.02/2015-ST dated-10.02.2015-Reg


Service Tax - Opening of Office on 28.02.2015 - Instructions - Reg.


Service Tax - Union Budget 2015-16 - Changes proposed in Budget 2015-16 - Communication - Reg.


Service Tax - Cenvat Credit Rules, 2004 - Changes proposed in Budget 2015-16 - Reg.


Service Tax - Registration - Procedures & safeguards in applying for Single Registration - Reg.


Service Tax - Registration - Procedures & safeguards in applying for Single Registration


Service Tax - RTI - Changes in Name and Designation of CPIO / Appellate Authority - Reg


Service Tax - Registration - Procedures & safeguards in applying for Single Registration


Service Tax-Opening of offices on 28th March,2015 (Saturday)-Reg.


Service Tax-Extension of e-payment deadline and banking hours on 31.03.2015-Reg.


Service Tax-Exemption for Merchandise exports and service exports from India Scheme duty Credit Scrip issued by the Regional Authority-Communication of Notification No.l0/2015-Service Tax dated 08.04.2015 and Notification No.11/2015-Service Tax dated


Service Tax- Clarification on rate of Service Tax and value of service portion in respect of supply of food or beverages-Reg.


Service Tax- Amendments in Notification No. 25/2012-

Service Tax dated 20.06.2012 - Communication of

Notification No.12/2015 - Service Tax dated 30.04.2015- Reg.


Authorisation of Punjab & Sind Bank for collection of Central Excise duties and Service Tax through e-Payment e- Reg.


Service Tax- Enactment of Finance Bill, 2015, Effective date of Revision of Service Tax Rates etc-Communication of Notification-Reg.


Service Tax - Amendment in CENVAT Credit Rules,2004 and Notification No.12/2014-Central Excise (NT) dated 03.03.2014- Communication of Notification No.14 /2015 –Central Excise (N.T) and Notification No.15/2015- Central Excise (N.T)- Reg.


Service Tax- Clarification on rate of Service Tax on restaurant service-Reg.


Introduction of facility of payment of rebate / refund

claims amount directly to the assessee / exporters' Bank

Account –Reg.


Service Tax-Instructions regarding maintenance of Records in Electronic Form and authentication of records by Digital Signature- Manner of verification-Reg.

21/2015 Service Tax-All Principal Commissioner who have been given additional charge of chief Commissioner-Reg
22/2015 Service Tax- Service Tax levy on services provided by a Goods Transport Agency-Reg
23/2015 Service Tax-Taxpayers Service Tax Centers-Settings up of - Reg
24/2015 Service Tax- Taxability of Service provided in relation to remittance of money to India from overseas- Reg 
25/2015 Service Tax - Communication of Notification No.20/2015- Service Tax dated 21.10.2015, seeks to further amend Notification No.25/2012-Service Tax dated 20.06.2012 - Reg
26/2015 Service Tax - Swachh Bharat Cess-Communication of Notification No.21/2015-Service Tax dated 06.11.2015 and Notification No.22/2015 - Service Tax dated 06.11.2015-Reg
27/2015 Service Tax- Speed disbursal of pending refund claims of exporters of services under Rule 5 of the CENVAT credit Rules,2004-Reg
28/2015 Service Tax - Swachh Bharat Cess-Communication of Notification No.23/2015-Service Tax dated 12.11.2015, No.24/2015-Service Tax dated 12.11.2015 and Notification No.25/2015-Service Tax dated 12.11.2015-Reg
29/2015 Service Tax-Accounting code for payment of swachh Bharath Cess and FAQs on Swachh Bharat Cess-Reg
30/2015 Service Tax-Extension of date of Service Tax payment for the month of November,2015-Communication of Notification No.26/2015-Service Tax dated 09.12.2015-Reg
31/2015 Service Tax-Clarification regarding leviability of Service Tax in respect of Seed Testing with effect from 01.07.2012-Reg